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Luing, West Coast of Scotland

Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th May 2024


I am so excited to launch this Return to Nature retreat on the on the beautiful wild Isle of Luing. This retreat will be one to reconnect with nature, yoga classes, guided meditations, journaling and breathwork, stunning coastal walks around the island, daily swims, a chance for a bit of stillness and quiet time in one of the most peaceful places.

This retreat will be just what you are needing to set you up for a busy summer ahead! 







This retreat has now


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Tues 5th May | Tues 11th June | Tues 9th July

Holland Park, London

Join Tara Cookery and me for this 3 part series of yoga supper clubs. 

Each evening will be specifically themed with a cacoa welcoming ceremony, guided meditation and journalling, yoga and a menu carefully curated by Tara Cookery!


5th May, Spring Feels

11th June Heart Opening

9th July Energising


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***SALCOMBE-Samudra Retreats***

Reconnect with the Ocean

Thursday 30th May - Sunday 2nd June 

Join us for a long weekend relaxing and re-charging your soul by the ocean. On this retreat we will be focusing on our connection to the ocean, flowing through meditations and vinyasa’s, strolling through the coastal walks of a place of Outstanding Natural Beauty, eating freshly prepared nourishing meals and sleeping to the sound of waves outside your window. Not to mention meeting and sharing time with beautiful like minded souls! 


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Tuesday 13th - Sunday 17th November 2024

Details Coming Soon....



My retreats tend to focus on giving back to YOU. Whether that is a guided meditation and journalling, a warming morning Vinyasa Flow or a deep evening Yin class, my retreats are nourishing, energising and awakening.  

My retreats in the UK are inspired by vegetarian menus curated by myself, using locally sourced ingredients. I work closely with the wonderful Tallulah O'Hea who often joins me on my retreats to offer massages and facials. I also leave plenty of time for clients to do their own thing. 


My aim is for clients to leave my retreats refreshed and inspired with new tools to continue their Yoga journey. Not to mention new, like minded friends, that they have met on the way.



If you can breathe you can yoga

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